Strongbeam Mitred

Size: 350x350mm
Finish: White
Weight capacity40KG

Exceptionally strong functional and good looking heavy duty bracket.
Its tapered ends help to make it look discrete when viewed end on supporting a shelf.
Ideal in garages, workshops,office fitouts and store rooms ,can be used with shelves up to 40cm depth, and of course any length. Ideally one bracket should be placed in conjunction with a stud in a hollow wall, or every 50cm when fitted to a solid brick/cement wall.
Use with shelves as shown below. Use the screw pack part number 8430 to secure these brackets to the wall. Use only the screws for fitting directly into a wooden stud, or the screws and wall plugs together in a solid/cement brick wall.10 screws and plugs per 8430 pack.
Part number 2005WHT,  20cm x 20cm Strongbeam brackets featured here in this shelf and bracket  image

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