Boon maxx 6 Step

Finish – White and Oak
Self build floor Kube set
Panels/frames made in Europe
2180 mm high x 3450 mm wide
F27XL7MAXXL20 45061×4 45047×10

SKU: F27XL7MAXXL20 45061×4 45047×10. Categories: , , , .

Supplied as flat packed panels,requires assembly. Overall outside dimensions 2180 mm high x 3450 mm wide

27 x F Oak wood frames, 7 maxx XL and 20 maxx L, 27mm thickness panels combine to make the maxx 6 step Boon floor cube kit. High quality, rigid, heavy duty storage cube shelf, ideal for, bed side storage, wardrobe storage, vinyl books, wine bottles, office files and general display products.
All fixings and screws required are supplied for easy assembly.
Boon maxx kits can be added to as required by purchasing more XL or Maxx L sized panels, Oak frames, corner panels, fixing kits, and feet kits as needed. Boon wide coloured soft boxes, boon door kits, and the boon cross are all available from Topshelf.

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