Boon 9 Wide Cube Oak

Finish – Oak veneer laminate
Self build floor Kube set
Rigid, high weight capacity
1096mm High x 11738mm Wide
M4L12S8OAK 2×45061 4×45160

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Easily assembled
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New wider Boon cubes ideal for book storage

European made oak veneer laminated panels with the outside dimensions of 1738 mm wide x 1096 mm high and 330 mm deep.
Internal wide cube dimensions are 54 cm wide x 33 cm high x 33 cm deep.
4xM, 12x the new L panels, and 8 x S size combine to make the high quality 9 wide cube Boon floor cube kit . High quality, and rigid, 9 cube storage shelf, ideal for books,office files, vinyl, wine bottles and for general display. Quality 27 mm thickness panels are made in Europe. Fixing accessories and adjustable feet are supplied. The assembled set can be utilised as a horizontal storage set or stood vertically and the supplied adjustable feet fitted accordingly.

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